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Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I suspected visiting @EvitaSePerron in #Darling in the Western Cape would be emotional for me… And it has been. I’m a lost cause darlings!

I had received a lovely book from Pieter Dirk Uys for a little help I had given at one of his performances.  I had hoped to meet up again and say Thank You but he isn’t home at the moment.

It is a mosaic of our politics history.  So rich and colourful.  Beautiful as we laugh at ourselves.  Fun.  Joyful.  Made my mis my Oupa Mike and Ouma Chrissie so much.  The old music playing mixed with Poggenpoel se koeksisters. 

It is my first visit to the town of #Darling but I leave with a wish thst it may be a place where everyone knows my name. 

Daar kom die Alabama oor die see,

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@giftedfolks at @theatreonsquare

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The Gifted Folks Music Group
21st September at 16:00

One performance only at Sandton’s Auto & General Theatre on the Square
Introducing the Gifted Folks music group! A musical ensemble of talented classical crossover singers, song writers and instrumentalists, finely selected for their amazing natural gifts. With a Christian sacred music background, the group beautifully blends different music genres such as Opera, Church-music, Pop and African-folk, performed in a sophisticated classical style. Their uniqueness should amaze and uplift like never before. The Gifted Folks will be performing for the first time at Sandton’s Auto & General Theatre on the Square on Sunday 21st September at 4pm. Here is a chance to witness a cultural milestone in the rich and diverse music scene of South Africa. Several music groups will be showcasing their talents through a mix of cultural genres and classical performances…but something new is just about to happen!

Comprising of vocally talented singers accompanied with fine instruments like violin, viola, cello, guitars, flutes, piano, drums and rattles, the arrangement of the Gifted Folks, through its selected crossover repertoire will bring to you a renewed version of memorable songs such as Brindisi (from “La Traviata” by Guiseppe Verdi) and Habanera (from “Carmen” by Georges Bizet) to name a few operatic airs; popular songs like The Prayer by David Foster and most commonly known as a duet between the famous Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion; and great African tunes such as Malaika, a Swahili song popularized by international artists such as South-African Miriam Makeba; and Pauni Na Ngai Ya Talo, a Rumba Church-music song by Congolese Christian-song writer/singer Paul Balenza.

Come and be seduced by the multicultural lyrics through polyphonic performances in English, French, German, Latin, Italian, Swahili and Zulu. Come and be mesmerized with the new poetic style; whether you are a fan of classic music, or you prefer the modernized music style similar to the Rhythms & Blues, this group of young experienced musicians, gathered as the Gifted Folks, will excite you during their 90 minutes dynamic performance. This will take place at 4pm on Sunday 21st September.

Tickets (R140) can purchased through the theatre’s box office, by calling tel. 011 883 8606 or by via Strictly Tickets on 082 553 5901 or online: www.strictlytickets.com There are a limited amount of media tickets available.

For further information and interviews, call Daphne or Mika
at the theatre on 011 883 8606
Visit their website: www.giftedfolks.com or call 072 266 9090
Gifted Musicians

Gifted Vocalists:
Soprano: Isabelle Makola, Larissa Ngoy, Sheila Kilambwe
Mezzo-Soprano: Isabelle Makola, Larissa Ngoy, Michael Mbunzama, Nica Kabuya, Sheila Kilambwe
Contralto: Isabelle Makola, Larissa Ngoy, Michael Mbunzama
Tenor: Daniel Kankenga, Serge Sabwa, Thommy Kumbu
Baritone: Michel Kalombo, Serge Sabwa
Bass: Forian Balagizi

Gifted Instrumentalists:
Piano/Synthesizer: Daniel Kankenga (DK), Paul Diobo
Flute: Bertrand DeLaleu, Camille Hall
Cello: Aurelia Diore, Michael Viljoen
Violin: Dorota Swart
Violist: Andrea
Percussion: Yves Laterre
Guitar Solo: Alain Ifomi
Guitar Accompaniment: Alain Ifomi, THommy Kumbu
Guitar Bass: Nestor Nkongo
Synthesizer special effects: Reddy Buazo, Daniel Kankenga
Sound engineers: Fofo Kaje, Herve Nzambe
Conductors: Paul Diobo, Isabelle Makola

Gifted Song Writers:
Daniel Kankenga
Paul Diobo
Thommy Kumbu

Working/Holiday Day 1/10 @kulula @Gautrain @swellendam1


Dear friends and family and other interesting creatures, 

I have never been on the Gautrain alone before. @SirNoid dropped me in Rosebank station just before 7am and miss the train as I had no idea I needed to take the train to Hatfield,  get off at Sandton,  to change platforms to get to Oliver Tambo International.  My flight is at 9am. I keep thinking of #BeginAgain and the song Gretta sings about being alone in the subway.

Finally arrived at the airport looking a tad frazzled.  Running to check in,  boarded with but few moments to go.  Just happy I made it.  Perhaps I prefer the the fashioned car ride and the long hugs goodbye. 

Flight was uneventful.  Being late I did not get to choose a seat but sat next to a tiny Asian person and a snoring man. My mind was incredibly busy. Trying to work out how to handle different aspects of my life.  My book was above my head and I found it hard enough getting my laptop in there.  I wasn’t gonna take it out! 

My sis-in-law,  Jenni fetched me.  Road trip with chatter all the way.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Once in Swellendam we chilled on the deck eating chocolate cake drank tea. 

Once it got cooler we moved inside.  Jenni made supper,  I worked,  Dad made a fire. Diner was served.  Jenny showed her parents some very old pictures and soon we were all in bed. 

I wish you chocolate cake,

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#gratitude #Wenchytude #JoziGem

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I have been doing really well.  I have worked harder than I should and my body is demanding sleep.  I have been on a very even playing field emotionally and less bipolar than normal. (As if one can turn that button on and off.)

Just in time for my first solo performance as I leave on a jet plane. My first solo flight without my husband working and me wanting a holiday, piggy backed onto one another, together. I am going to miss @SirNoid!

Sometimes it still takes my breath away that I have come relatively far in my chosen field in a short amount of time – Social Media Diva and Blogger…. Personality,  friend,  writer, Power Tweeter,  Media and off course legend!  (Inside joke with @InfiniteComPR)…

I could have done none of this without the support of my husband @SirNoid on every imaginable level.  He doesn’t like the limelight (in which I become alive)  so he is seldom with me at events, but he has given me wings,  financial support and freedom to do my thing.  I think it has been a very selfless thing to do on his part.  Huge gratitude for being at my side,  discussing, offering advice, encouraging – knowing that you can’t hold a moonbeam in your hand and loving me enough to know I come home.  :) Oh and invite him to value weekends :)

My parents and children have been a constant cheerleader squad.  @kylajeanv @KevvieCartman @LJ_Cadger @VictoriaT99 especially has only loved and encouraged… ‘That’s my mom’ is worth more awards anyone can offer. When I am able to share opportunities with them that social media gifts me,  I am so incredibly happy.

In the same vein,  my BFF  @WilhelmNiekerk has been a block of solid bear support.  Quick to judge my garments and in two seconds making me look all better,  Wil has attended many functions with me. He is a man with knowledge and a master at playing a supportive role while equally contributing.  He always makes me shine.  Thank you my friend.

Maybe when I grow up,  I can be a proper Social Media Journalist. *wink* I have SO much to learn but when you surround yourself with greatness,  it rubs off. (I give the best hugs in the business baby!)

I have had lots of help, plenty favours given and received.  I’ve been hurt, I’ve been picked up and together have kicked ass.  I’ve been embraced by a ‘tweet eat tweet’ business.  I have learned all that glitter is not gold and some will only ever smile to your face.

I have met incredible people. I love you all very much and want to thank you.  I am petrified I forget someone! I am desperately trying to acknowledge those who at the core understand who I am, and how best to use my skills in that capacity.  I never have to tone it down.  I am good enough just as I am.

My mentor and friend,  @RichSimmondsZA whom leads and guides. I continue to learn,  kick your ass when you need it as you do mine.  It is a privilege to know you as I do.

@louwbreytenbach @buzpr @ChevePeters @Chris_Verrijdt  @infinitecompr @WesleeLauder @CoLabNetwork @kevinfriedman  @KevinMcLennanZA @theBookofswagSa @FerdiWG @DianiGernandt @sa_artists @sterkinekor @SA_Reviewer_  @LouwMulder @derikvanwyk @mnetmovies @budmarsh_lodge @TheatreOnSquare @JoburgRedBus @JudyDitchfield @helendesbois @NCTParktown @mcnabsenergy @CaseyBDolan … the list goes on and on… About 18 000 long.  Hehehe (cow I am, but I worked for them dammit!)

For every invitation.  Every project you include me in,  or suggest me for because I am the right Wench for the job… OH sometimes I am also cheap,  but never easy! I am forever touched and deeply grateful that you welcome signing your name next to mine.

I wish you many followers, awesome projects,  that light bulb moment on stage when it all just comes together! You are all so incredibly gifted in what you do. I am in awe!

I thank you for your time,  as I know you will thank me for mine, and we will never forget it. 

I wish you a spot light.

ps. Tim,  Bee  –  I wish you didn’t die!  Look!  I promised you I wouldn’t live a little life.  We up to sparkles! You rock that underworld… #friendsindeath !

Posted from the second cloud on your left.

When a Musical Movie Strikes a personal Chord: Begin Again… and again…

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My review of #BeginAgain to follow. @caitlinclerk wrote so beautifully I had to share it. cc @sterkinekor @mnetmovies Be you 20, 30 or 40… I have to tell you that heartbreak and heartache feels the same. Your words… You can only fall as far as the floor is so true.

Originally posted on Musings and Musicals:

Sure, he was wonderful – that’s why I dated him for two years. Everybody loved him, and so did I. I have quite good taste and I chose him myself. If he wasn’t a keeper, I wouldn’t have kept him for so many years, but sometimes someone does something so hurtful, that no matter how wonderful they were before, they will never be that person for you again.

Watching Begin Again at Sterkinekor’s Girlfriends Getaway on Wednesday took me right back to that day when I watched the man I loved morph in to a stranger in a matter of minutes. It’s probably the first time I have identified with a character played by Keira Knightley. Usually I find her face too annoying to notice what she does with it, but in her role as the simple and earthy musician, Gretta, she became real to me.

I have been wrestling…

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#CirqueEloizeiD at @MONTECASINOZA

Cirque Éloize – iD

I took a long time to consider where to even begin writing a review of what is ostensibly a production that can blow one’s mind at so many levels. I was so thoroughly entertained from curtain up to curtain down. Let me start with a great big kudos to Jeannot Painchaud as director and so to the team that made this production happen.

Imagine, if you will an opening scene that reflects the hustle, bustle and sound of a living city, with its maddening rush, the passing of people, strangers in a crowd, pacing, with purpose, the frenetic roar of traffic and sirens.  The urban air is filled hints of menace and adrenaline.

The sounds and movement morph with the passage of time becoming the pulse of the city. That heartbeat becomes the rhythm of an active, thronging, throbbing, metropolis. The musical accompaniment throughout the production is par excellence.

What follows is a sumptuous visual and aural feast that leaves one breathless and spellbound.

You are given an up close and personal view of the culture of dance on the streets. It is an examination of its raw beauty and competitive nature. Truly it is athletic, graceful and forceful. What starts as a street fight becomes a dance off to win the affections of a woman.

Understand though this was no dance extravaganza but so much more.

The feats of gymnastic strength and skill on the planks and suspended at death-defying heights above stage, were to say the least positively mesmerizing. This is not the stuff of a fading circus tent. This is poetry in motion. The viewer gets to study the glory of both the male and female physique as sculptural form.


In my time I have seen a few trick cyclists. The cyclist on stage was something to behold. I was left alternately gasping and holding my breath. He executed a perfect display of skill, strength, confidence and balance.  Cringe worthy for an audience participant perhaps, who felt they are risking life and a euphemistic limb as party to the display. It had the male audience members instinctively wanting to protect more intimate parts. You have to see it to understand. An added bonus, the selected audience member on opening night was our much-loved local celebrity Alex Jay.

The show was filled with breathless energy.  A trampoline act to have you bounce in amazement. Try to imagine acts of skipping, juggling and hoops on steroids.

circus 2

It was the first time I have seen a Chinese Pole Gymnast in live action. No web video comes close to reflecting just how remarkable the discipline is.

I have not even begun to mention just how much the spectacular lighting, staging and projected backdrops add to an already amazing show.  It made for a multidimensional masterpiece.

My first thought leaving the theater was that it was an incredible, not to be missed and unforgettable production. On reflection after the fact I feel even more so. It is truly worth every cent of the admission price.

circus 3


1-brian@Brian_Trudgeon A forty something IT Geek, want to be great artist. Quirky, Queer, proud father to three with a humanitarian bent. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I have always enjoyed writing and have been published anonymously and otherwise. I can claim to be an accidentally published photographer. In my spare time I like to sketch or write the occasional piece of poetry. Born in me is a great love for live performance of any kind and I have great admiration for anyone who offers themselves up on an altar that is the stage.


Winner of the @JoburgRedBus @budmarsh_lodge #HopOnHeritage is…

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

On Friday, I had the absolute pleasure of doing a @JoburgRedBus #HopOnHeritage tour with some awesome Twitter folks with much gratitude to City Sightseeing. It was a day of true enjoyment and much laughter. I am sure @WalterPike and @SpicedWeasel took especially awesome pictures as I had serious lens envy!



Listening to the comments around me I felt incredibly blessed to be sharing my view of being a tourist in my own city. Especially once we entered the city centre, so many recalled memories (including me, yes – I am THAT old!). There was much laughter and entertainment by our resident comic @RichSimmondsZA (nutter!) and I absolutely loved seeing @SamanthaPerry smile and who did an awesome #selfie with her @Wakaberry glasses on … as well as @MeeAParkins who preferred the covered side of the bus.

braamfontein RichWenchyWalter


We left from Gold Reef City and got off at Stop 11 in Braamfontein to have coffee at Double Shot. We walked across the road for lunch at Eight Six for some lunch and cupcakes.


@WilhelmNiekerk and I posing with a cupcake… as one does.

It was truly such a fun and HAPPY time. It was wonderful to see everyone smile and enjoy themselves after the gloom reports of the weather. Well, since I always take the weather with me, it was sunny but crisp and fabulous!

@Budmarsh_Lodge joined in our most fabulous endeavour and offered a prize of one nights accommodation at Budmarsh which includes a six course, fine dining experience prepared by Executive Chef Chris Tustian, a delightful breakfast and a night away at my favourite weekend get-away in Magaliesburg valued at R3500 to the contestant who interacted with Budmarsh the most.

budmarsh food budmarsh grass

Our wonderful day out of the office with thanks to @Stuttafords_ZA, @McNabsFeelGood, @DoritosSA, @Budmarsh_Lodge, @JoburgRedBus and @Wakaberry.

goody bags

The winner for the absolutely amazing night away at Budmarsh Lodge prize is:

Señorita Trouble

lady colleen

Congratulations darling!!!

I wish for you to experience being a tourist in YOUR city!

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