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H28 a powerful dance tribute to Ugandan gay rights

FATC is showcasing a new, thought provoking dance collaboration as a way of bringing awareness of gay rights in Africa to theatre audiences in Johannesburg, for three performances only, from 30 October to 1 November.

“Would I choose to be gay if know I’ll be minority, and be pounded for it?”- David Kato, Ugandan gay rights activist.

The FATC (Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative) is collaborating with the talents of Zimbabwean choreographer Mcintosh Jerahuni, UK-Zimbabwean-Malawian director Melissa Eveleigh and the FATC dance cast, namely Thulani Chauke, Nosiphiwo Samente, Nicholas Aphane, Thabo Kobeli and Charlston Van Rooyen, to bring a striking new piece of social commentary through dance, to the stage. And, it will question everything we know about minority rights and more specifically gay rights in Africa.

The collaborative piece titled H28 – Love in a time of hammers, forms part of the UJAC’s That so Gay Fest 2014 and is dedicated to Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato, who was a spirited activist, with a vibrant and courageous approach to his work and life. His ultimate dream was to turn his mother’s cassava farm into a gay village, whilst his society wished him dead. Tragically, this wish became a sad reality in 2011 when the ‘Kill the Gays’ bill was being tabled – Kato had sued the local Ugandan newspaper, Rolling Stone, for publishing photographs of people it labelled as gay with the headline “Hang them”.  Just after his success in court he was gruesomely bludgeoned to death with a hammer and, while the police found no connection, many still believe his death was the result of vigilante gay-bashing.

Fast forward to February 2014 and Uganda has passed a new anti-homosexuality bill toughening the penalties for gay people. The proposed bill included the death penalty for ‘repeat offenders’ and ‘aggravated’ homosexual acts, as well as imprisonment for those found guilty of not reporting gay people to the police. This has started a frenzied media campaign to ‘out’ and shame gay people, and carries with it fearful and ignorant rumours about homosexuals in the country.

Inspired by Kato and the situation in Uganda and using it as a starting point, the FATC created H28 to challenge homophobic perceptions. The piece explores the personal and political conditions in which lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender people live in Africa. It depicts an assortment of mad contradictions and poignant possibilities at a crucial frontier of human rights on the continent.

Funded by RMB, Pro Helvetia SDC Ant Funding and BASA, H28 is yet another powerful and shocking FATC- inspired socially-conscious dance narrative, which will bring to stage a provocative awareness of injustice in the world.

Since inception in 1995, FATC and its collaborative artists have been repeatedly recognised for their excellence in the field of contemporary South African choreography and performance through numerous awards and nominations. The prolific company is best known for its thought-provoking dance pieces depicting personal and social issues, and has often been referred to as a leading voice in the emergence of the new South African “protest/struggle” theatre. FATC has also been instrumental in collaborating with an extensive number of South Africa’s leading contemporary dance professionals and partnered with some impressive dance and theatre companies. The company has presented works abroad bringing audiences to their feet in countries as far afield as Russia, Holland and Mexico, to name some.

FATC founding member and artistic director PJ Sabbagha is a South African talent whose name has become synonymous with issue-based dance theatre and more specifically HIV and AIDS-focused art. He was the recipient of the 2005 Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Dance and the 2006 FNB Dance Umbrella (Gauteng MEC for Arts and Culture) Award for Best Choreography for his work Still Here. He has received numerous other awards and nominations for his works, including being voted top South African Artist in 1995 as well as being in the top 10 of the Star Tonight’s annual top 100 South Africans. To add to his endless list of achievements, PJ travelled across the USA as a guest of the US State Department to participate on the 2007 International Visitors Leadership Program investigating HIV-AIDS and other infectious diseases. His dance works have been shown at festivals and theatres all over the world while he has participated in residencies in Russia, Mexico, Holland, Tanzania, Mali, Mozambique and Taiwan.

“The H28 project sees a new collaboration being born across borders and disciplines, which truly excites FATC and speaks to the vision of the company’s past and future,” says Sabbagha. “The work promises to be a deeply moving and a provocative statement on the issues of Gay Rights in Africa, combining thought-provoking statements with exceptional dance and choreography.”

Over the past 4 years FATC has initiated numerous Residency opportunities that have created a platform for emerging and experienced choreographers to create work with the company.  These include Athena Mazarakis (SA), Gaby Saranouffi (Madagascar), Shanell Winlock (SA), Eric Languet (Reunion Island), Nadine Joseph (SA), Themba Mbuli (SA), Ivan Estegneev and Evguene Kuligan (Russia), Fana Tshabalala (SA) and Mcintosch Jerahuni (Zimbabwe) and Melissa Eveleigh (UK).


Zimbabwean born choreographer Mcintosch Jerahuni is also a talented musician and dancer. He received his training and experience at Savannah Arts, where he practised traditional dance; Zvishamiso Arts, where he learnt the art of dance while working with choreographer Brian Geza; and the Dance Foundation, where he learnt multiple dance and performance disciplines. While training at the Dance Foundation, he developed a keen eye for choreography and created his first piece, a solo called Runyararo, which premiered at the Harare lnternational Festival of the Arts (HIFA) in 2009. He is currently working with Tumbuka Dance Company, where he has choreographed two works. He has also established Jerahuni Movement Factory, a community arts project. As a musician, Jerahuni plays the mbira instrument while leading his Jerahuni band.

Award-winning UK Director/writer and accomplished development practitioner Melissa Eveleigh has lived and worked in Southern Africa since 2002. Melissa co-founded and ran the national arts and development NGO, Nanzikambe Arts, in Malawi from 2004-2010. More recently she established the Arts Lab, a cultural development programme for performers in Zimbabwe. She wrote and produced an award-winning dance-theatre production titled Can’t Talk About This, which played at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival in 2013. Eveleigh trained in physical theatre at LISPA (The London International School of Performing Arts) and has extensively used the arts as communication for education, therapysexual and reproductive rights, health, human rights, and most recently, for legal rights with the GIZ Rule of Law programme in Bangladesh.

H28 – Love in a time of hammers will be staged in Johannesburg at the Con Cowan Theatre. There will be three performances only – 30 October at 7.30pm, 31 October at 7.30pm and 1 November at 3pm. Tickets cost R50 and can be booked via pj@forgottenangle.co.za or purchased at the door.

Please note there is an age restriction of 16 years and under.

For more details visit www.forgottenangle.co.za or find the FATC on facebook.

@reading_house Review cc @AlbetNoble @TripAdvisor


Dear friends and other interesting creatures, 

Reading House is a beautifully restored and furnished guest house that catered for my every need during my week long stay.

From the delectable breakfasts prepared by the Manager and Chef Albert, to the huge bath to the cool cotton sheets… A warm gown and chocolate waiting on your pillow.

The attention to detail is German in its precision. Albert seems to remember your every preference and caters for it. Truly outstanding service, especially when I realised how small their staff compliment is!

I loved that there was no TV in my bedroom as I feel it would interfere with the charm of the venue. (There is a TV room, well stocked with DVD’s etc should you wish to watch TV. My self service coffee and tea station was always well stocked, as was my bath salts and all toiletries on offer. My bedroom and bathroom was very well kept, not a speck of dust and I appreciated the warm bath towels. Luxury without the price cringe.

I became ill during my stay and Albert truly went beyond what can be expected. I was both humbled and thankful. Grateful to have arrived a visitor, and having left as a friend.

Reading House has the potential to become an exclusive Boutique Hotel with its unique rich heritage, location and tranquility but above all – individual service. Reading House could easily provide conference facilities for small groups of Executives who require exceptional personal attention, and demand quality.

A great venue for morning tea’s or just popping in for a five star breakfast (I would imagine you need to make a reservation). Take a book with you to Reading House… You will find yourself not wanting to leave!

Reading House in Newlands, Cape Town comes highly recommended. I only wished the weather was warm enough for me to have enjoyed their pool. Next time!

I wish you enough,

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DOO BEE BOOBIES @TheatreOnSquare


Daphne Kuhn presents
the 21st Anniversary Season of the infamous
a very, very, expensive all-singing, all-dancing, all-male review
with outrageous “all-star” cast

28th October – 15th November

Back in South Africa, after yet another unbelievable World Tour, the cast of DOO BEE BOOBIES will launch their 21st Anniversary Season at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square, Sandton. Having had an incredible response to their outrageous drag show, touring across the globe (including Margate, KZN), the cults are back with a vengeance! The show has a whole plethora of new international acts that they have found along the way and managed to coerce as part of their ‘coming of age’ celebratory season!!

Grown men in pink tights, Merkins and lashings of coq……feathers? It is the all-male, all-madness musical cult revue DOO BEE BOOBIES, which returns to whoop it up in Sandton during October & November 2014. That’s right – this infamous cult favourite is returning to our stages to show all the young whippersnappers how true-blue comedy revues should be done. That is, with tongue firmly in (butt) cheek!
Daphne Kuhn is proudly presenting (and blushing at the same time), this grand comeback season of this “very, very expensive all-singing, all-dancing, all-male revue” at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square, Sandton from 28 October to 15 November, for 3 weeks only!

Screen and stage veteran ROBERT WHITEHEAD will be reminding audiences that there’s more to him than villainous wheeling and dealing, and you can also see fellow soapie star STEPHEN VAN NIEKERK (who has a worrying tendency to take his kit off on stage) in some tantalisingly compromising positions…Singer, dancer, actor, musician and “notorious stripper” TONY BENTEL, will dazzle with his exhibitionist showbiz flair. And let’s not forget celebrated choreographer and performer extraordinaire MARK HAWKINS – he of Fantastic Flying Fish Dance Company fame – who, together with sensationally supple dancer KINGSLEY BEUKES, will be joining in the cultish silliness, while ensuring that the studs on stage don’t trip over their tutus.

The 21st Anniversary season of Doo Bee Boobies keeps the best of the original show, while adding some new, hysterical and (so they tell us) death-defying acts to make it the most-must-see cult show of 2014. Expect zany musical sketches and prepare for a helping of saucy satire that’s anything but a drag, you cults! Grab some friends, leave the mother grundies at home and settle down for a riotously funny ride that sends up popular culture with a naughty wink.

What the critics have said:
“The Boobies are a lot of things but they are not your usual drag queens”
– Adrienne Sichel – 10 August 2010, Star Tonight

“There are images in this cabaret-style revue that no amount of scrubbing will ever erase from your brain… a monumentally rude show that confuses your face: your eyes don’t always want to look, but you can’t help smiling”
– Bruce Dennill – 10 August 2010, Citizen

“Old, fat, tired & talented!….Boeps bourrée. Bare buttocks wobble. Waistlines sag…..No question: Doo Bee Boobies is the trashiest, tackiest, funniest show in town. Gotta love it” – Adrienne Sichel – 11 August 2010, Star

“It’s outrageously rude, but it’s also as funny as it gets and clean of moralising and message-bearing; it takes itself seriously and attest to the sheer skill of performance brilliance blended with roll-on-the-floor laughter”
– Robyn Sassen – 13 August 2010 SA Jewish Report

“Musical sketches range from zany to bizarre, to oh-my-gawd-they-can’t really-be-doing that….Everything is over the top, and they do tacky very, very well……The show is never a drag….Done well, toilet humour can be extremely funny”
– Neal McKenna – 15 August 2010 Sunday Independent

Ever made a @MixtapeSA ? @TheatreOnSquare @RichSimmondsZA @WilhelmNiekerk

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

We were listening to VH1 tonight and Chris Isaacs came on in the background … and my soul transcended to almost 20 years ago when my boy Tim asked me if I liked the song…. What a wicked game… (We met at work and were seated opposite each other. I had a clock radio on my desk and the song had come on). Music really has the power to take you to visit all kinds of places, if you like to travel or not.

At the opening night of #MixTape at @TheatreOnSquare we took a trip down memory lane… No overnight bag packed for the journey.


It tells the story of how friendship transcends all barriers,  regrets about what we feel, but never own… and the music that took us there.

@TheatreOnSquare has really had the best productions to choose from the past few months… telling Alison Botha’s story to Bash that reminded you of how dark a soul can be to celebrating friendship, acceptance and music…. Taking you on a very touching nostalgic trip, from your youth, to the moment you got out your car before the show and the radio turned off.

I was absolutely amazed at how the audience felt drawn in… singing along and tapping feet… to tear stained cheeks when the lights came on.

I sat next to @RichSimmondsZA and my BFF, @WilhelmNiekerk and all three of us was in tears. For a moment, even I felt I wasn’t the only sentimental fool.

If you have ever made or received a mix tape, lost or gained a friend, loved without words.. or had music pick you up and drop you in a song, you will LOVE #MixTape.  I strongly encourage you to book at once. It is beautiful. Kind. A PLAY in soft focus.

Music was my first love. That was my boy Tim’s favourite song btw. He has been dead 15 years and sometimes he still sits with me in comfortable silence.

… and here I go again on my own.

I wish you enough,

What to Wear Now @caxmag @BonaMag @rooi_rose and @womanandhome_sa

Caxton Editors Reveal Summer Trends 2015

Johannesburg, 7th October 2014: The editors of Caxton Magazines’, “Big 3” titles, Bona, Rooi Rose and Woman & Home have released their list of “What to Wear this Summer” to coincide with their bi-annual Trends editions.

“From a fashion perspective, Pop Art Prints ‘a la Andy Warhol’ are much on trend at the moment, says Bona Editor, Linda Mali. “We also see a lot of Navajo- and Tribal-inspired prints hitting the runway and making their way into stores across South Africa.”

“Neutrals are also very big this Summer as well as soft shades of pink, mint green and lemon,” continues Mali. “Formal and casual work are also great to create an edgy look by taking items typically associated with corporate wear and clashing them with street wear.”

Continuing with the theme of colour, cobalt is the break out colour of the season according to Rooi Rose editor, Martie Pansegrouw. “Cobalt is just as wearable as navy, but is a lot more vibrant than that trusty old standard. It can be worn head-to-toe or mixed with black, white or other bright colours.”

“1960’s-inspired pastels are also making a real come-back this year, with shimmering fabrics that can be accessorised with jewellery and retro-touches. Florals too are big this season and have also inspired a number of fragrances available on the market,” continues Pansegrouw.

When it comes to Beauty Trends, Woman & Home editor, Frith Thomas believes nudes, naturals and unapologetic bare-faced beauty is how women want to be seen over the warmer months.

“With the exception of graphic eyeliners, Twiggy-lashes and tangerine lips, the overall trend is to use less make-up to expose ones natural beauty,” says Thomas.

“The hair trends this season are deep-side parting, low-pony tails, messy braids and that slept-in-look, which despite its name will takes some effort to get just right,” laughs Thomas.

 For more Summer 2015 trends, pick up a copy of the October issues of Bona, Rooi Rose’ andWoman & Home now.

Caxton Magazines has grown over the last 25 years by doing things differently. From small beginnings, they are now one of the largest publication houses in South Africa.

Bona magazine is South Africa’s biggest monthly magazine, covering a diverse editorial scope and read by people in all stages of life and is available in four languages reaching three million people.

Rooi Rose is the glossy monthly magazine for the Afrikaans woman who is a modern traditionalist.

Woman & Home is the premiere magazine for the fashion and beauty conscious woman with a “brand new attitude” to life.

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Three places to take your kids! @JoburgRedBus @NCTParktown @natzoo

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

My sister, Mary-Ann has a friend that is visiting Gauteng from PMB this week, and needed some ideas on how to keep their kids entertained. Thought I would share my current top three kid friendly places to visit!

1-Fullscreen capture 20141006 124831 PM

One of our favourite activities is jumping on the @JoburgRedBus. (Personally, I think every city should have a red bus!) You can hop on, and hop off starting at Gold Reef City or Gautrain Park Station. Along the red route there are awesome stops to entertain the kids like Sci-Bono Discovery Centre (get off at stop #9) as well as the theme park at Gold Reef City (stop #6) and Carlton Centre (stop #3) the tallest building in Africa. Besides the thrill of riding on an open air bus, you will enjoy the wind in your hair, and you truly would have experienced the core of Joburg. Do remember sunscreen!


The National Children’s Theatre in Parktown, Johannesburg is a must. Currently on stage is the Under The Baobab Tree. A production that had us on our feet dancing, laughing and me… crying. LOL (I’m a sentimental fool.) We loved every second and so will you and your kids! The show has been so successful that it is back for a second run.. that is saying huge amounts in terms of Children’s Theatre!! You can contact @NCTParktown on 011 484 1584/5 or email bookings@nctt.org.za to book.




Pretoria Zoo is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The 85-hectare Zoo houses 3117 specimens of 209 mammal species, 1358 specimens of 202 bird species, 3871 specimens of 190 fish species, 388 specimens of 4 invertebrate species, 309 specimens of 93 reptile species, and 44 specimens of 7 amphibian species. Clearly there are lots to see, and which kids doesn’t love animals? Saturday, 11 October 2014 is African Penguin Awareness Day. The NZG will be hosting a number of fun-filled activities to draw your attention to the conservation of the African penguin.


I wish you enough time to do all three!



@danceumbrellaSA Act – Your – Age

“I no longer want to think except with the body”                                               

Have you ever wondered what it means to be older? How you would get society to value you when you are at your wisest, most integrated and most courageous? How you would begin to do your best work in the world when you turn 60?

Attempting to find answers to these questions isTossie van Tonder aka Nobonke, a critically acclaimed and respected South African pioneer and mentor in dance theatre and performance, with her Deepening seminar: Act –Your – Agetaking place in Johannesburg, from October 24 to 26 at the Dance Space, Newtown.

The seminar will be holistically integrative with conversation, movement experience and realisations; will give a sense of your emergent resourcefulness and open up a world that is not regulated by language yet will help you mediate your environment in so many more ways.

Van Tonder explains some of the embodied results that can be expected after attending this seminar: “When we pay attention to our body and movement, we open ourselves to a communication that incorporates our intuitive knowing with our rational mind. We begin to make sense of what our instincts, our senses and our heart is telling us. We find ourselves in a territory and consciousness where the invisible becomes tangible, where the inner becomes the visible landscape outside of us and where the nature of our own nature comes to life in a form that resonates with, and speaks directly to our soul. In this seminar, by developing our capacity to listen to our bodies while in movement, we will experience different types of consciousness, as well as archetypal and creative forces as part of our character.”

Act-Your-Age at a time when everything in your life begins to make sense – take charge of your own life. No experience necessary, only curiosity … and a lack of innocence.

Join Van Tonder in creating an explorative and safe environment in which you can experience your subtle perceptions of the elder you are and have the space and permission to enter the mystery of this archetype and love it! 

She adds, “Your innermost nature does not turn back, but strides forth in wisdom, dignity and character. The extraordinary riches of images of you is essential to the foundation of the force of character in the later years. Your body, even if coming apart, intimately knows what it is doing.”

All those who desire a deepening of this vastly important role of elder-hood, as depth of significance is often all that is needed to make this evolution blossom, are welcome on this journey.

The Act-Your-Age seminar, facilitated by Van Tonder, will run at the Dance Space, Newtown Johannesburg from October 24 – 26.

Dates and times:

October 24:       18h00 – 21h00

October 25:       14h00 – 18h00

October 26:       0 9h30 – 17h00

The fee is R900 per person and is strictly for 45+agers only. Please note: admission to the seminar will require signing up and payment in full before the commencement date.

To sign up and for further information please contact Tossie van Tonder (Nobonke) atNobonke@mweb.co.za or 083 254 4669.

Act-Your-Age  – We should fund what nourishes older years: companionship, freedom, all the arts, nature, silence, service, simplicity and safety. Old age must have its gods. – James Hillman

About Tossie van Tonder

Tossie Van Tonder aka Nobonke, born in 1955, is a critically acclaimed and respected South African pioneer and mentor in dance theatre and performance. As dancer she spans philosophy, science and art and as a clinical psychologist, gender scholar and eco-philosopher she delves into identity formation and ecological issues with deep-rooted value-dissecting excursions. 

“…dance at the edge of dance…”

My African Heart, is Van Tonder’s first book. An intensely personal and poetic South African story, it is told as an intimate conversation between mother and unborn child and depicts the inner world of the best of being South African, inclusive of a relational depth at the end of the Age of Apartheid.

“A jewel in South African literature.”

As dancer-storyteller Van Tonder also explores the challenges of our time through profound creativity and innovation. Parenthood, ecological thought, leadership, life skills and elderhood are some of the themes that her work addresses in groups with organisations, public groups, of youth and adults.

“The experience you crafted for us was masterful.”

About Dance Forum

Dance Forum (an Association incorporated under Section 21, Registration Number: 2003/01/3598/08), was established in 2003 specifically to manage various developmental aspects of the professional and non-professional contemporary dance industry in South Africa, the main project being Dance Umbrella. The focus of Dance Umbrella is to provide cohesion between existing contemporary dance initiatives and to enhance opportunities for skills transfer, vocational training and the development of a culture of excellence within the industry regionally, nationally and internationally. It focuses on both development and production of new contemporary dance work on all levels to enable them to create, perform, diversify their creativity and professional skill and earn a sustainable living from being performing arts professionals.

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