ѕнe’ѕ a ѕιlenт wallғlower – ѕaιd noвody ever!

Dear friends and interesting creatures,

Wεทchƴ¸.¸.  ҉¨ Social Media Diva

My desire to be myself is greater than my need to fit in. This has both its positives and its negatives.

I am a mom blogger, a girl blogger, a sexual being blogger, a has been corporate slave blogger, a chronic illness blogger, a bi-polar blogger, a lover of books blogger, an ex-husband is gay blogger, a daughter blogger, a granddaughter blogger, a divorced blogger, an ex-wife blogger, a step-mom blogger, never been a bridesmaid blogger, a beauty salon lover blogger, a mom with teenagers blogger, an empty nest blogger, a consumer blogger, an entertainment blogger, a theatre loving blogger, a gay pride blogger, a  South African blogger, a non conformist blogger, an unconventional family blogger - I hate being put in a box blogger - I have lived a life worth writing about in a big way… and one day I will. Just waiting for some folks to die first…

I have been blogging for roughly 18 years in many spaces and various place. I love wire art, Theatre productions and cupcakes. I enjoy Pinterest, Twitter, Face Book , Flickr and writing. I thrive on social media in any form. I love attending events, writing reviews and capturing the world in pictures.  I did HNT for many years (… if you don’t know what HNT is, I am not going to explain, but you sure missed out.  I am the Queen of self photography *smile*). 

I adore the colour purple and when I love… I love BIG, so when I hurt, I hurt BIG… and for a bloody long time. I can cry like nobody’s business. Ugly face cries. I have some weirdo connection with the number 7, am addicted, enthusiastically in love with tattoos (I have had ink done twenty odd times thus far).  I got my first tattoo in my 30′s … #14forever. To me, tattoos are a form of expression, as one can only stay in one skin so long before you need to decorate or remodel  (hence I have nothing against plastic surgery – I am merely having an out of money experience). Tattoos are a socially acceptable form of self-mutilation, cutting and feeling the physical pain when emotional pain is overwhelming and in direct opposite, being so elated that the moment has to be captured in ink… it is telling a story…. I don’t expect everyone to understand. I dislike intensely to be told what I can, or cannot do or be. It pushes me away, bit by bit.

1-26 June 2013 Starlight 008

I love photography, worship Billy Connolly and intrigued by the words of Paulo Coelho, Anaïs Nin and Mae West. I love to laugh, but my heart hurts VERY easily. My default emotion is anxiety. I find the big, bad, tattood All-Blacks doing the ‘haka’ very arousing, I adore winter with great passion. I don’t part easily with books.

I have administer a group called “Wenchy’s box of blessings”, for many years via e-mail, then on Yahoo, and eventually moved over to Face Book. I LOVE quotes. I have hundreds and it is never enough. I am a Gemini  (but I don’t believe in astrology) with a personalised number plate because I am oulik like that. I love road trips and sex in unexpected and unconventional places. Apparently I am dead funny, when I’m not suicidal. Who knew? I don’t eat baked beans. I like sago pudding.

I enjoy going to the movies with popcorn and green slush….. but sitting in the wrong seat messes with my head. I love books that flirt with emotion, psychology and forensics. Am so thankful my daughter, Victoria is following beautifully in her mother’s love of books footsteps. I love my Kindle but there is still a certain pleasure in opening a book, the smell, touch…it’s unbelievably sensational.

I am not shy to admit I love country music, Judy Garland and Broadway musicals, I am a gay magnet…and I have zero gaydar. My favourite movie of all time is “Shirley Valentine”.  Ian Von Memerty is the most gifted, extraordinary talent ever. I declare it so, and so it shall be. My favourite song is Ian Von Memerty’s version of “Mr Bojangles“. I cry. Loudly. I don’t know how to sniffle softly. Actually there are very few things I do softly.

I do not hug trees, I don’t care for re-cycling, my kids did not wear cloth nappies but I like the thought of slow dancing with the moon. I am fond of vodka, prescription medication (I don’t want to feel anxious nor pain) and water (still, never sparkling!). I also like Tequila and cocktails. I may be easy, but hell, I am not cheap. Then again, define easy… Not fond of beige.

I believe in fairies, compassion, empathy and second, third and maybe even fourth chances. I believe it is never too late for anything. I find Freud fascinating and normality to be over-rated. I have no time for racist crap, and making inappropriate generalised statements is one sure way to piss me off a great deal. I love South Africa with a deep passion. I don’t believe in luck.

I celebrate my birthday with a child-like excitement and only ever blow out 14 candles. I love weekends (or weeks…) in the country (room service style, none of this squatting in the bush nonsense).  I don’t own a million pairs of shoes and I wear matching underwear (Yes, even if ONLY I know.)

I love my son, Kev doing Borat better than Borat, but hate Jewish jokes. Yes, I know. Contradiction. I love going for a bit of a walk, but am not fond of nature and much prefer walking in the urban jungle :)  I hate camping. No man has made me want to sleep on dirt and get stung by insects and find it pleasurable.

I love the sexy smell of cherry cigars and whisky – but I don’t smoke, nor drink whisky. I enjoy erotic writing (Bring it on Mr. Grey) and while I am not fond of animals, I got my first pet, Baby Gaga at 37. Sadly she died of liver failure shortly after. Surprisingly all my children are still in tact.

I do love interesting creatures. I’m affectionate and loud, sometimes wise, sometimes ridiculous, funny and entertaining, unpredictable – while other times I prefer my own solitude. I am a coward in many ways and Brave Heart in others. I love Afrikaans, my mother tongue, although one must judge the music in isolation. I prefer going barefoot, chicken on a braai and am not fond of pasta salad or asparagus. I have HUGE issues with trust.

I brush my teeth multiple times a day, I have nothing against gay people but I draw the line at doing sheep…. I detest the word “bitch”.  I love make-up and glitter is fabulous darling! I wear perfume (Angel by Thierry Mugler is my favourites)! In 41 years I have never paid for my own perfume. A tad surprising.

I detest one ply toilet paper, but it is better than nothing. I love proper serviettes and a pretty table setting. I colour my hair every second week as grey is simply not acceptable. I like matching colours on my fingers and toes (gelish) - or porn nails and purple toes. Unless I am broke. ;(  Learning that stuff I own is just things – what really counts is what is inside and nobody can take it from me.

I have never done recreational drugs and never will. I never want to hear that I am not optimistic, do you have any idea how many times I have been married? Would help if I just date people instead of marrying them, but yet again, I am married. I have many (eight) children in my life, none living with me permanently. I will not be producing anymore children – ever.

I still wonder what the meaning of life is. I do have many passions, but as for the purpose? I don’t know. Basically? I’m unique. Just like everyone else.

I live a life of contradiction and terribly bourgeois.

I wish you enough,

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”
- Kurt Cobain

35 thoughts on “ѕнe’ѕ a ѕιlenт wallғlower – ѕaιd noвody ever!

  1. Homepage says:

    … [Trackback]

    [...] Read More here: thenocturnalwenchy.wordpress.com/about-da-wench/ [...]

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! Hi there Wenchy! Look forward to reading your blog in future, inca so relate on many aspects! You just sound a lot more brave than I am :-)


  3. gaby darling says:

    Love this! I learnt a lot! :)


  4. Fairy Girl says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, so true all of it…..XOXOXOXO


  5. Great List and Brilliant Images….


  6. SirNoid says:

    Love You


  7. Nes says:

    I am blog worshipping you from now on. You sound awesome :)


  8. Gina says:



  9. QB says:

    I might be brilliant (so I have been told) in drawing up an agenda or even drafting business letter, but when it comes to leaving a proper comment on your blog … I suck!!

    But always now that I carry you in my heart. I cry with you and for you, especially when reading some of your blogs.

    I love our chats at work. I love sharing a tear and lots of laughter with you. I love sharing my life with you and that I can tell you something … And you totally get it!!

    I love your “excentric” ways … Like hugging random people, something I will never do. Hahahaha it always makes me smile.

    You have touched my heart and my life and I am thankfull for having you in it.

    Miss you my friend!!

    Random huggs and kisses just for you :)


  10. Mignon Dehning says:

    I am truly, truly loving your blog!


  11. diddy says:

    So glad to have found a fellow human who also repeatedly brushes their teeth ! Thought I was alone……


  12. Cindy says:

    and u are the perfect inperfect woman, mother, friend, wife, daughter and wenchy


  13. diddy says:

    I R lurker baboon.
    Love your blog !


  14. reluctantmom says:

    I am a lurker, and not always good at leaving comments …. but I am always lurking around you …..


  15. Lesley says:

    Just found your blog and you first entry caught my eye and would like to visit again.


  16. exgf says:

    I just found you and so glad I did….. you’ll be seeing me around quite often :)


  17. Fraser says:

    Hmmmm, just a midnight stalker popping in to say Hi whilst the sun shines…

    Awesome reading…


  18. secretlifeofjane says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting recently. I plan to dig in here to see what you are up to :)


  19. Raven Muse says:

    Were we separated at birth?


  20. vanessa says:

    So glad to see you are blogging again :)


  21. Hanie says:

    Wenchy, thanks for the link-back to your blog and your comments on mine! Lovely place you have here and I will be back for more. The pictures all look so lovely and I am envious over the happy snaps of you and Noid. ;-) Hanie


  22. Sharon says:

    Hi! I found your blog via a comment you left for me on Flickr – and I love it. I love your photos, your use of poetry, your honesty, and your courage. You’re a beautiful, strong woman, an inspiration, and I look forward to getting to know you.


  23. Elize says:

    Sorry to hear about Oupa Mike.


  24. Elize says:

    Saw this book on Amazon.

    Switching Time: A Doctor’s Harrowing Story of Treating a Woman with 17 Personalities.

    I cannot imagine how it must feel, but I know you can get through the shit..

    It is a pity you don’t want to talk to me.. I don’t know what I have done wrong.

    I had such good times with you and i loved visiting. IT felt like home to me.


  25. Elize says:


    saw this and thought you might want to add it to your shopping list..

    They are audrey hepburn magnets..


  26. Karen says:

    Please can I read your blog?


  27. Karen says:

    Hi I’ve asked before but not had a reply, would you please allow access to read your wonderful way with words and your experiences.

    I promise I’m no lurker just enjoyed your writings.


  28. Jane says:


    Day 230/365 : All my possessions for a moment of time.

    In this photo you look like Claudia from Party of Five..


  29. M Tyrrell says:

    The coffee and biscuits look wonderful, but I can’t taste them yet. I’m a friend of BalancingAct; She has told me wonderful things about your blog, and recommended that I request the password to view your posts.

    May I?


  30. I am new to your blog but have loved reading what I have found so far. I was disappointed to find that many of the journal entries need a password. Do you not want outsiders to read your blog?


  31. Chris says:

    Same comments as above. I was a devoted reader of your other blog(s) and would love to be able to catch up on what you are up to.

    Mom of 3 in Seattle


  32. ShutterJane says:

    Would love to read your blog again. Like I told you before, it was like an addiction


  33. Myrtle says:

    Hi Wenchy – I have missed reading your blog. Hope you are well – have a great day and week. I am so excited to see my friend Broom Girl in just over 3 weeks! Love Myrtle


  34. Karen says:

    Hi I also read your website religiously and was bummed when I lost the connection. Found this again but now can’t read the pages. How can I access this or is it closed to outsiders. I promise I’m no lurker just enjoyed your writings.


  35. Julia says:

    Wenchy. I read your site religiously and have just returned from overseas to find its gone. I then looked around at Supermoms site and found your comment which led me to you!!

    How to I get to read your blog again. I was totally fascinated with your life ………….

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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