Dear friends and interesting creatures -

Right now, I know I should go to bed.

I’m currently obsessed with Tranquil Body Treats sales targets, my small business initiative… (more to follow on that).

I’m reading the book on Lolly Jackson – STILL! I’ve not gotten much time to read.

I’m listening to the music of the night. The actual night, not the song.

I couldn’t possibly live without…. (leaving out all the love bits) my Black Berry.

Favourite place in Joburg: The Zoo.

Favourite place in SA: Hermanus, the Berg…..

Favourite place in the world:  In bed, in Noid’s arms. Safe. Loved. Protected.

I’ve lived in:  South Africa. Nowhere else I want to live.

Next up on my bucket list: Working really hard at my 40 things to do before I turn 40 list.

The last thing I crossed off my bucket list:  Starting my initiative to provide marketing for small businesses.

I realized I was an adult when : I could choose to have a child or not.

I realized I’d never be an adult when: I stroke my own face, pretending it’s my Mom’s when I cry.

Growing up I wanted to be: A teacher.

Best invention since the wheel:  Kindle is pretty cool. :)

A house is not a home without:  Love. Laughter. Tears.

This week I’m crushing on:  – nothing really.

I’m currently working on: Preparing for two markets this weekends, and setting up my sideline business.

I’m really proud of my ability:  To surprise myself.

You’d be amazed/horrified if I showed you:  How untidy I truly am.

I cannot survive winter without: My cuddly husband, an electric blanket and hot chocolate.

Signature dish: Woolworths?

Guilty pleasure: Facials, pedicures, massages.

When no-one’s looking: I talk to myself… yes, I even answer.

In my next life I want to be:  Me. I like me. I can improve each life.

Every morning, I wish: I could hear my children laughing.

I believe that your friends:  Are seasonal. Few stays for all of your life.

I’ve really got to work on:  Organising my life, romancing my husband and preparing less boring dinners.

Best advice I was ever given: My Mom once told me to remember I am just a human Mom. I will make mistakes…. I added by saying sorry for when I mess up.

I wish you enough,

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