Tuesday, 8 March 2011

  • Noid had a vasectomy today. I was a good wife and sat there the entire day in a fucking uncomfortable chair and typed minutes. 
  • We had to be there at 9am, and we waited until late afternoon before he went in.
  • He had a local, no issues, no pain, packed his stuff and we went our separate ways by 5pm.
  • It was an incredibly crap feeling for me – making such an intimate and permanent decision then just parting ways in the parking lot…  yet another night alone.
  • Such is life presently…. moving right along.
  • I need some Tranquil Body Treat orders to reach my target for the week. I set a target per week for March and I am R200 short and it is driving me nuts.
  • Here is my review of the Exfoliating Cream. 
  • I use the one for oily skin (since I am only 14).
  • I am addicted to exfoliation. For real. Face. Body. Feat… if I can just scrub the living hell off my body, I would. It makes me feel clean and fresh…. very tra-la-la.
  • Now, this exfoliating cream is lighter than the Clinique one I had been using for decades. Bear in mind that the Clinique one I used maybe once a week ’cause it is quite rough, this one I can use twice a week which suits my OCD personality much better.
  • It is light with a unintruding fragrance and washes off easily… not leaving bit of beads you can still feel when you put your moisturizer on…. and yes, I do wash my face proper. 
  • The teen in me also loves the colour. :) Wouldn’t mind it in purple….
  • I have to be up early tomorrow… seeing someone for my neck/shoulder/back spasms… so I have to sleep now.

I wish you enough,

5 thoughts on “Vasectomy

  1. Ann says:

    Awesome photo :)


  2. Oh he is so being the good hubby.


  3. blackhuff says:

    It must suck so bad that you and Noid is living like this. Hugs.
    You are a good wife being at your hubby’s side with the vasectomy.


  4. Meriel says:

    Sounds divine pls send me R200 worth – sms me the postage amount and account details so I can bank today :-)


  5. SirNoid says:

    hope you slept well my sweet.

    Thanks for being the good wife and being with me all day


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