Friday, 18 of February, in the year of 2011…. Wenchy went Brazilian!!

After all the doom and gloom …. and off course the ray of light from those who have had it, I decided to go big … so Michelle transformed my hair into straight, long hair and………… I love it!!!!!!

I expected to smell fumes, or at least cough or something after all my googling but nope, nothing. It felt just the same as having my hair washed, blow dried and ironed… and although Michelle kept appologizing that it took long, it was still shorter than me just doing the GHD on my own hair. 

The salon was very inviting, friendly, homely and I was offered refreshments numerous times. Every step was explained to me and I knew exatly what was happening. I was giving proper post treatment instrutions and was told that if I needed help in any way, to pop in. Truly professional and great service from Michelle!

I can highly recommend Michelle, so for those in Gauteng, you can contact her on:  082 442 0014

Before – The Diana Ross look

Michelle, my hairdresser and friend trims my hair.

After – sleek and loving it!!!

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