Penguins spotted in taxi… and other strange places!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures -

An anonymous tweet has revealed a rather extraordinary sighting in town – a penguin sitting in a taxi, waiting for a ride. Other penguins have been spotted too – but, not in their normal surroundings!  It is believed these strange sightings could relate to the four penguins who reportedly made the jump from their enclosure this morning, but details are still a little sketchy.

We encourage the public to keep a lookout for these birds, who appear to have sleuth-like skills, and to contact us with any updates.  We are on the case…




I wish I was a penguin,

Penguin-chain? #PenguinsMIA @natzoo

Dear friends and other interesting creatures -

The parents of a young boy celebrating his birthday party at Pretoria Zoo, had erected a jumping castle next to the penguin enclosure to entertain his friends. During the fun and games, four penguins formed a penguin-chain and climbed out of the enclosure, using the jumping castle as a launch-pad to make their escape. They were last seen in a large enclosure reserved for the lemurs, aptly entitled ‘Madagascar’.

Anyone with sightings of the four birds is asked to contact the zoo-keeper immediately or tweet @NocturnalWenchy !!!

I wish we could dance like penguins.

Something fishy? … @natzoo #PenguinsMIA

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

It seems the penguins are in the news this week, with yet another report hot off the press. ‘Elijah, would’ you believe that reports are coming in of penguins literally putting their beaks up at the fish being offered to them for their daily meal – the same fish that they have been enjoying day in and out in the past. Some of the birds were also spotted with strange orange stains around the beak and throat area, and are being monitored closely by their keepers.


I wish we could dress like penguins.


Strange behaviour in penguin enclosure… #penguinsMIA @natzoo

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,


The curator in charge of the penguins at the Pretoria Zoo, has reported some rather unusual activity in the birds’ enclosure today. It appears that some of the penguins are on the move – four small suitcases were spotted near the exit, and some of the black-and-white birds were seen sporting colourful summer hats. This behaviour is most unusual and cannot be explained at this stage. However, a highly-trained team of secret agents has been posted near the enclosure to keep an eye out for any further movement.

We will keep you posted on any further developments…

Do we have #penguinsMIA?


Don’t let others ride your unicorn. #Wenchytude #JoziGem #InnerSelfie

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,


I was told to tone *ME* down by someone I truly admired and respected. Who I am,  was simply not okay! Too much.  Too big.  Too loud.  Too opinionated.  Too everything.

I was devastated.  I did for awhile  work on my personality “flaw”.  So desperate I was for this one person (out if millions of people in the world! ) to give me their hashtag of approval!

After many months and days of second guessing myself, even apologising…. a little run through litteral lawn sprayers with my niece,  and godchild Tayla-Jade,  I came to the conclusion that others can turn themselves *UP* if they felt my drum was drowning their beat. 

Turns out other people like my beat just dandy and more importantly,  and more importantly so did I!

I grew on so many levels since.  Personally,  professionally,  emotionally… physically. It was confirmed. Opinions are indeed like assholes… YES, everyone has one!

Today,  I simply care much less about a multitude of opinions. Be who you can face at 3am, when your  demons run rampant.

Too much of a good thing is just wonderful darling!

I wish you a run through sprayers as the sun sets with someone you adore.





On 10 and 11 December 2014, Gauteng-based opera fans will experience, Opera Rock, a five-star operatic extravaganza – proudly sponsored by Cebekhulu Holdings – which plans to bring down the house at the State Theatre in Pretoria.

 The tour de force behind Opera Rocks is world-renowned opera sensation, Sibongile Mngoma, who has very recently won the prestigious 2014 Mbokodo Awards for the Opera Category. “South Africa is so ready for an opera celebration. We have such talented opera singers in this country who can easily take on their international counterparts,” says Mngoma. “We also have a large and sophisticated operatic audience who don’t get enough opportunities to enjoy truly stunning South African opera often enough.”

Opera Rocks intends to address these issues by providing opera music lovers with an operatic performance at its very best and intends to become a bi annual event, putting to work some of South Africa and the UK’s most brilliant voices. Best of all, Opera Rocks will become a bi-annual affair. “We’d like to see it become a prominent platform for South African opera singers to showcase their abilities within the context of South Africa and from a cultural perspective,” explains Managing Director of Cebekhulu Holdings, Philani Cebekhulu.

And by inviting producers, agents and scouts from other parts of the globe, Opera Rocks will expose South Africa’s world-class performance abilities to the rest of the world. “I would love to see my love for opera grow and the way to do this is by bringing exciting opera to modern-day opera fans of which I believe there are many in this country,” says Cebekhulu.

Performing on stage is the opera diva Mngoma herself who will dazzle audiences along with her sensational co-stars, award-winning theatrical performer and singer Joseph Clark, London-based opera soprano star Sally Silver and well-known South African baritone Thabang Senekal. The four singers will be accompanied by the wonderful 40-piece Chamber Orchestra of Johannesburg conducted by Kutlwano Masote and a 10 member male ensemble.

The  male ensemble group is being mentored by Sibongile Mngoma and comprises of young performers whose love of opera has inspired her to train, groom and grow and bring onto the professional stage in this production.

Audiences will enjoy a diverse repertoire of songs including theatrical numbers like Maria from Westside Story to contemporary songs such as Don’t Let the Sun Go Down as well as the pop-opera greats Bohemian Rhapsody and Barcelona. La Traviata’s Brindisi and the exquisite Jewel Aria are just two of many classical opera songs, which will be performed.

It’s thanks to Cebekhulu’s love for opera and his company’s generous support of the grand music genre that Opera Rocks is able to bring a slick, commercialised and brilliantly produced show to South African opera music lovers. “The bigger picture is to expand opera so it becomes accessible to disadvantaged and rural communities with an emphasis on children, affording them the opportunity to get into professional mainstream opera through skills development, practical experience and by mobilising them through talent searches using various stakeholders,” Cebekhulu concludes.

Tickets can be purchased at Computicket starting at R250.  For more information visit , follow us on Twitter @OperaRocksSA and like our Facebook page: to keep up with all the news.

In conversation with @zavionk “What did I do to deserve this?” cc @infiniteComPR

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Like many South Africans, my first introduction to Zavion Kotze was on Survivor SA. The moment he dragged the mighty Solly across the beach as if this huge black man weighed nothing, he had my vote. Not only did he come across as sincere and truthful, he was seriously athletically talented. A true contender. I enjoyed watching this openly gay man, break the stereotypical homosexual profile and kick some serious straight ass in the process.


I have met Zavion a number of times with thanks to @infiniteComPR, and I can assure you, he is everything you thought him to be. He is confidently soft-spoken, has an infectious laugh, a great sense of humour, a true romantic and you cannot help but to respond to his humble and appreciative nature. He is somebody who truly lives life to the maximum.

His accomplishments are endless, on a great number of fields, but he is quick to point out that his mom has taught him not to take praise for granted and he very quickly will steer the conversation away from himself.

Although Zavion was raised in a family where his parents were divorced, he spoke about his family with great love and obvious affection. Zavion plays a number of musical instruments and headed up the choir at Kearsney College in his matric year. We chatted about his very promising rugby career for the Sharks and his decision to focus on athletics as you are only as good as your last personal performance. His words reminded me of a quote that focuses of being better than you were yesterday. He clearly drives himself to greatness.

His honesty was refreshing and we had a good laugh about Survivor SA. I asked him what surprised him most and he said he truly thought maybe the crew would pass you an apple when you truly have no food! I loved the innocence of his answer. Apparently, there is no such thing as Zavion lost 18kg while filming Survivor SA.

I congratulated him on the huge amount of medals he won at the recent Gay Games. He told me about a 99-year-old athlete completed the 100 m race and that the games were so much more than sexual orientation, quickly diverting from himself. It was about acceptance, love, competition and ultimately representing your country. Well, if there is one man I do not mind representing my South Africa, it is this man. We chatted about the great adventure that visiting the USA was, the fun times, his desire to bring the games to South Africa, but overall, the feeling of love and acceptance….. and yes achievement. Taking part in the Gay Games to Zavion, is part of living a life worthy of celebration.

This diverse personality has the patience to deal with brides (more power to him!) and their mothers, while creating beautiful, stylish, sophisticated weddings. Picture perfect. In his first year he only did six weddings, almost double that in the second year and in the third year, just over 30 weddings. Clearly the man knows about what girls want.

But what does this boy want? He became silent for a moment as to reflect on his answer and swallowed. I waited. He said softly that he would very much want a family of his own, to get married and share his life with a man he loves and who loves him. Zavion is in a loving and fulfilling relationship, describing it as more than he could have hoped for. He smiled, looked down and then straight at me and said, “What did I do to deserve this?”

1-Fullscreen capture 20141106 041742 PM

On the official website for Zavion Kotze Events Company, the very apt quote welcomes you. Well, if I wasn’t already a huge fan, this would have sealed the deal, as we know my thoughts of Ms Garland!

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”

— Judy Garland

You are enough Zavion. Happy, happy birthday. I am so glad you were born.